Karate Shotokan Adult – Beginner/Advanced

Karate Shotokan Adult - Beginner/Advanced

Age: 15+

Barcodes (M) 19321  + (W) 19320

Price: (M) $115.00  + (W) $126.50 = $241.50 ( $11 / class) 

Sept. 14 - Dec. 16

M, W    7:30 PM-9:00 PM 

Register Here (Barcodes 19321 + 19320)

To better suit your busy schedule, you may now register for Mondays and Wednesdays separatelywe recommend registering for both classes.


Instructor: Lars Jensen

Location: Parkinson Recreation Centre, MacIntosh Room
For those students who wish to start or have previously taken karate, we accommodate beginners through advanced belts. Benefits include selfdefence, stress release, flexibility, co-ordination, mental and physical conditioning. Lars Jensen is a 5th degree black belt, National shotokan medalist, Provincial Referee, and a nationally certified instructor. Karate BC and club fees are also payable. Participants should attend both the Monday and Wednesday class.