Welcome to our Dojo. 


What each person needs, and wants, from karate is different, as such, we welcome a diverse collection of perspectives. There are several black belts that assist in training.  Also, past Senseis will periodically return to teach seminars based on our traditional background blend of Chito Ryu and Shotokan Karate, as well as new learning from more modern forms of self defense.

Lars Jensen



 With 30 years of karate experience, Lars Is a 5th degree blackbelt, and the head instructor of our club. With a keen eye for timing, he specializes in power generation in close quarters.




Robert Levin



Robert Levin is a fourth degree black belt, shotokan National medalist, Provincial gold and silver medalist, Provincial Referee, and nationally certified instructor. Sempai Robert is also the main instructor for the kids' class.



Kirk Lins

Kirk is a first degree black belt who assists in teaching. With 10+ years of experience at our club, he is a valuable resource to students.

Joseph Auringer

Joseph is an assistant instructor at our club. He began his martial arts journey at 10 years old, bringing a diverse background to his teaching, having practiced Karate, Aikido, Judo, and a collection of other things while living in Japan.