Downloadable PDF Forms and Guides

Karate BC Signup - New member signup.  If you are new to our club and/or have never had a Karate BC membership through our club or another club you can signup here.  For details of what Karate BC provides you, please refer to the "Karate BC Insurance Program" details below.  This is a requirement over and above our club fees.

Karate BC Annual Membership Fees
The Karate BC membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. The fees below reflect the current fees charged to our members. For new club members joining a member club within Karate BC (i.e., someone who has never had a membership with Karate BC  before), the fee they pay will be pro-rated depending on what month they join after January 1st of the membership year.
Junior Colour Belts 15 yrs. & under $ 35.00
Adult Colour Belts 16 yrs. & over $ 55.00
Black Belts All Ages $ 70.00

Karate BC Insurance Program - Details of insurance program as a member of Karate BC

Karate BC Waiver - Kumite - Kata waiver form for going to a tournament.

Competition Rules - Guide to what is allowed and point scoring locations.